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food and culinary lifestyle director / photographer


I believe a good story is crafted to be inspiring, engaging, and style-driven. 

The passion that inspires my clients to create something magnificent is the same passion I channel into every photo shoot - whether still or motion; large or small. Relationships count to me and I work hard to build loyalty and trust with every interaction.


still and motion

Because campaigns no longer fit within clearly defined content platforms, I tell stories that migrate among still, sound and motion. I thrive when working on projects that incorporate this integrated world of storytelling.

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real food

Appetizing. Lived-in. Perfectly imperfect. Real food. There is just no substitute for the real thing. A little messy is okay. It's natural... and that's what makes us want to take a bite. Be honest.


approachable. aspirational. colorful.

Food is an expression of a person's style... I love working with organic textures like wood, stone and vintage metals. Textiles like Belgian linen and natural cotton. Hand thrown ceramics and lovingly used cookware. It's the details that give personality and soulfulness to a scene. I am so proud to work with a network of stylists that interpret life with the same attention to style.

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lifestyle cues and sense of place details

Food is an essential part of people's lives. At the early stage of every campaign, I ask myself, "Where does this food live?" Is it a modern kitchen? An outdoor entertaining scene? A plate shot with props that give clues to who was here?  

I capture big environments as well as the small details where food is cooked, plated and shared