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food and culinary lifestyle director / photographer

Cookbooks Are My Jam!


Exploring an author's vision by creating a beautiful, cohesive series of images is the best part of my job.

I feel the same passion for photography and film that cookbook authors and their publishers feel for their cookbook projects. What I love most about a cookbook is the sense of community. I am a visual storyteller with a deep love for bringing recipes and the stories behind them to life.


I've Built A Team of Experts

As a Tabletop Food and Culinary Lifestyle Director and Photographer, I’ve spent years building a team of expert food motion and photography stylists and technicians. With each shoot, I’m able to vet them and understand how to best utilize their strengths and ultimately inspire them to accomplish our common goal for the campaign. 

My style is the embodiment of teamwork and collaboration. I create a culture for the set that emphasizes clarity and communication, that reminds us that we have the greatest jobs in the world. And I encourage exploration and experimentation because I believe in balancing our scripted shoot plan with an openness that allows for unexpected moments of serendipitous beauty.  

- Jennifer 

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