Walmart "Start the Party Faster" Holiday Campaigns

Walmart Holiday Ready Campaign. Bar / Walmart / Director Jennifer Davick; Food: Liz Duffy; Props: Raina Kattelson and Liz Engelhardt; Agency: MRY; Production Delicious Contents/Schrom


Walmart "Start the Party Faster" Holiday Social Campaign

I think we can all agree: we just want preparing for the Why? So we can get to the party (the great stuff like hanging out with family and friends) faster!

In that spirit, for Walmart’s “Start the Party Faster” #grocerypickup social campaigns, our team created a series of 14 stylish, dynamic social stories showing how to make the holidays easier using Walmart food products plus their Grocery Pickup service to help people do everything from hosting a holiday brunch to making quick and easy party appetizers.

This was a fun project -- full of ideas for entertaining! 

Now I'll admit I get kind of giddy and geeky when it comes to motion control and specialized camera moves. We created the “spinning” effect with an incredible motorized arm that we programmed to make an arc over the set… and us once the shoot was completed!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot.

From my team to yours, Happy Holidays ❄️!!!